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Hillcrest Social is an app and web development company built with "Pride". Our goal is to connect the LGBTQ+ community with resources, NowTrending app information, and strive to bring new technology to our community's fingertips. Our growth has allowed us to offer these services to other companies who strive to develop technology strategies for today and the future. 

Hillcrest started in 2014 as a simple video request app at Flicks San Diego a local LGBTQ venue in Hillcrest. After noticing a need for an easier way to access resources through-out San Diego County, we developed the #NowTrending portal for our community to scroll through events, businesses and resources.
In a very short period of time, the Hillcrest Social app exploded in San Diego County with over 15,000 downloads! With this growth, it brought the ability to bring our users new content like On the Rocks radio show, "Who Invited Her?" Podcast, and a new future. In 2018, the Hillcrest Social app became the #NowTrending app. This app will bring information from LGBTQ communities from around the world. Find out how you can add your business/events/non-profits and more to the new #NowTrending app. 

In 2015, WZ Productions, LLC. collaborated with Hillcrest Social to build an app for their festival Out at the Fair®. This app would provide festival-goers information and provide marketing year-round for all festival locations. This app became such a staple in the Fair industry that in 2016 it won the "Outstanding Overall Mobile Campaign" from the Western Fairs Association. Setting a new standard for fair-goers and community members alike.

In 2018, Hillcrest Social became the alpha company providing development, tech support, and web-based services for multiple apps.

Since the launch in 2015 Hillcrest Social has transformed into a powerhouse for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2021, you can find everything streaming on OutAt.TV trending in-app plus all the great features of the newly rebranded OutAt app (NowTrending app) managed by OutAt Inc.

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